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Hi Everybody,

The new site has been launched,

Which sales used parts (some old new stocks) for s600/s800 mainly.

As you know, it has passed almost 50 years since s600 manufactured.

Parts on this site are old.

Please be aware that there is no refund or return once purchased.

All parts are priced in Japanese Yen.

The condition of parts are indicated as stars. However this is my personal judgement.
Please see attached photos to judge the condition by yourself.
I'm happy to supply more photos if you require them.

  • One star : Poor
  • Two stars : Fair
  • Tree stars : Good
  • Four stars : Very good
  • Five starts : Excellent

If you have any questions, please click the " Contact " at bottom of this page.


Ricky Nagata

スクリーンショット(2012-05-27 19.18.39)

Attention to all users

  • This used parts site is different from the new parts site.
  • Therefore, the shopping cart cannot be combined.
  • All new parts will be shipped from Japan. (New parts site )
  • All used parts will be shipped from Australia. (Used parts site)

Attention to Australian Residents for used parts site :

The shipping cost is calculated for overseas customers.
Therefore your over-paid postage will be refund to you after shipping if that happened.

Go to New Parts Site => Click here


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