About us

Hi there,

My name is Ricky Nagata.

  • I’m the shop owner as well as Honda S car owner.
  • My main aim is keep S cars alive on the road as many as possible!
  • In order to do that I will supply & support you the parts for s500, s600,s800 as much as I can.
  • I have strong connections of S parts suppliers in Australia, Germany and Japan, especially, where S cars were born.
  • The quality of S car parts were amazing back in 1960s.
  • I am confident in the quality of the parts I offer to you, are the best there can be.
  • They are equally or more than genuine qualities.
  • The parts that we supply have been tested and proved to be safe.
  • We will acknowledge your feedback and continue on improving the S parts to make your process of reviving your S cars smoother and much more efficient.
  • The most of my shop parts are comsumable parts which you need to run your car.
  • The parts which I supply are to keep your S car as close to the original as possible, instead of huge modification, because I respect Mr. Honda’s machinery and mechanisms.
  • I will try and help you in supplying and will support in search of the S parts with you.
  • As you may know, over 40 years has passed and some parts will not be able to be retrieved. I apologize for any inconvenience.
  • During the manufacture of S cars, Honda has changed the parts over time to improve performance and cut on costs as well.
  • Though I will supply you parts closest to the original, it is very hard to maintain S cars in their original conditions.
  • Many parts have been changed or modified due to lack of genuine parts since first owners.
  • I will try to help you to bring your car back to original conditions as close as possible.
  • I also stock used parts which are equivalent to more than 10 x s600s and s800s.

So please feel free to ask me any time by email.


Ricky Nagata (Shop Manager)
Company : Amustas Pty Ltd
Mailing Address : PO Box 966, Edge Hill, QLD 4870 AUSTRALIA
HONDA s600 s800.com is a devision of (Amustas Pty Ltd)


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